BAKS - experienced manufacturer of carrying systems

Company homepage: Cable ladders system

More than 25 years of professional experience and at the same time implementation of modern technological solutions and modernization of the machinery used, makes BAKS company a reliable manufacturer. In the offer you will find for instance cable ladder, tray system, mounting profiles and many more!!!

Modern CCTV systems

Company homepage: Rapid deployment CCTV

Used to monitor city streets and squares, thus ensuring higher safety of citizens, rapid deployment CCTV has proven to be a valuable addition in security’s set of tools. Our company has developed a range of quality security camera systems to be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, including production facilities, warehouses and other places.

Dress for every occasion

Company homepage: Long dresses online

Charming designs, uniquely crafted from quality materials. If you are looking for the most amazing long dresses online, our offer will surely be of the highest interest to you. Fairy-tale ideas, outstanding combinations are perfect for more sophisticated banquet as well as every day visits to your favourite cafe.

Energy-saving ventilators

Company homepage: Heat recovery ventilation system

Nowadays it is extremely important to choose those air flow systems, which allows for the limited energy loss. We recommend you the innovative heat recovery ventilation system, which considerably improves the energy efficiency. The device consists of pipe stub connections, ventilators, a controller, a heat exchanger, and a casing made of galvanized steel.

Company homepage: Local tours from Cracow

We also encourage you to read our promotions tables: local tours in Cracow - hotel prices once prices represent our core offer, which continues to complement a special bonus for our regular customers or additional interest associated with the commemorative events taking place in our city. In short - if you are interested in a comfortable and cheap accommodation in Cracow, you could not get better.

Flap, two-lever and throttle plug versions

Company homepage: Check Valve

Uncontrolled backflow of fluid in the pipes is a real and frequent problem in industrial installations. Check valves help with optimally slowing down the medium, increasing the efficiency of the system as a result. We prepared versions with throttle plug, two-level, flap, ball and more - all manufactured according to the industry standards.

Company homepage: Law firm Poland

Looking for reliable, experienced law firm in Baltic Sea Region? Visit Magnusson website and become one of satisfied Clients! The professionals working in the company provide excellent quality services and always meet the highest expectations of diverse entrepreneurs or public institutions. Feel free to contact the company specialists.

Luminaires and busbars

Company homepage: color led light strips

Our shop proviedes you with all the accessories that you need to design your apartment or an office in a way that suits you best. In order to create an intimate atmospheare it is recommended to use color LED light strips. You can install them on the ceiling, furniture, walls, underneath the windowstill. Certain models can be used outdoors.

Well services

Company homepage: drilling companies

Our company provides digging services using heavy machinery. We strive to make sure that we are one of the best drilling companies available on the market. Thanks to our particularly qualified personnel and high-tech equipment we are able to provide the Customer with state-of-the-art wells, varying in depth and diameter.

Car interior makeovers

Company homepage: Customised cars

If you're looking for high-quality vehicles that will make your heart throb, our offer is just for you. Our customized cars are the best way to make you stand out. Over the years we've improved many luxurious interiors to satisfy every single client's needs. It is through these machines that we express our artistic minds.

Humanitarian help

Company homepage: Donate

Polish Humanitarian Mission provides help to the civilians in war-torn countries as well as in regions affected by poverty and famine. Please donate as much as you please in euro, zloty, dollars or pounds. The money we collect allows us to buy food, medicine and vaccines for those who need them the most.

Removals Dublin

Company homepage: Moving company

Pick the moving company, which offers the full package: planning, organisation, packing, loading and unloading, transportation and storage - all in a fantastic atmosphere. The removals company from Dublin makes the process extremely simple. You call them, they provide you with a quote, you pick them, they come and do all the work and you enjoy your new apartment, flat or house. Their experience and reliability makes the move hassle and stress-free. Check the details and book them as soon as possible.

Szybkie nadawanie paczek

Company homepage: Kurier

Witamy w Arto Logistics. Oferujemy usługi kuriera Polska-Irlandia oraz do Niemiec, Belgii, Holandii i Wielkiej Brytanii. Przewozimy towary w systemie "door to door", a więc odbieramy i zawozimy pod wskazane adresy, szybko i wygodnie. Dla naszych stałych Klientów oferujemy atrakcyjne programy rabatowe. Posiadamy wieloletnie doświadczenie w przewozie osób i rzeczy. Jeśli chcesz nadać paczkę do lub z wysp, zdecyduj się na naszą obsługę. Towar trafi do adresata w nienaruszonym stanie, na pewno na czas.

Moving company

Company homepage: Home removals Dublin

If you own a lot of things and have some trouble with clutter, and there comes the time for changing your house, surely you need a hand! Choose our moving company to get some help in this matter and get the best quality service. We offer home removals in Dublin and the surrounding areas; just call us to get a free quote!

Chemical products

Company homepage: Clinical chemistry reagents

We sell products used primarily for diagnosis of human and animal diseases. Fields such as veterinary medicine, hematology and others require specialized tools and preparations that enable testing. Below you will find a list of available clinical chemistry reagents sorted alphabetically: from ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE to URINE PROTEINS.

Beauty treatments

Company homepage: Laser clinic

We specialize in offering beauty treatments for sun-damaged skin, texture, pigment spots or scars, and stretch marks. We also offer hair and Pico way tattoo removal. The trained professionals at our laser clinic use safe and advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to achieve the best possible results.

Oferta producenta CNC

Company homepage: kołnierze stalowe do rur

Jesteśmy specjalistami, którzy oferują szeroki wybór części i elementów, tworzonych za pomocą CNC. Proponujemy takie produkty jak kołnierze stalowe do rur, które wykonujemy na indywidualne zamówienie klienta. Wystarczy dostarczyć rysunek techniczny oraz zamówić odpowiednią ilość sztuk, a my dostarczmy je w umówionym terminie.

L'équipement des églises

Company homepage: Vêtements sacerdotaux

L'offre de notre boutique en ligne unique s'adresse aux membres du clergé qui recherchent des vêtements sacerdotaux adaptés à chaque période de l'année liturgique, mais aussi pour des cérémonies spéciales. Notre assortiment comprend également des produits tels que : drapeaux, baldaquin, soutanes, robe de choeur et bien plus encore.

Polski psycholog

Company homepage: Psychoterapia UK

Emigracja to temat, z którym zmaga się coraz więcej polskich rodzin. Choć na co dzień życie za granicą może się okazać zupełnie bezproblemowe, w trudnych sytuacjach szczególnie cenimy sobie pomoc naszych rodaków oraz dostęp do usług w języku ojczystym. Psychoterapia w UK u polskiego specjalisty jest możliwa w naszym ośrodku.

Ear protection

Company homepage: MRI audio system

Our machine allows you to relax during medical examinations. Try the MRI audio system for your and your patients' comfort and safety. You can choose various hearing protections that provide 30db NRR of noise suppression: ear muffs and earplugs. We sell also accessories for those devices: disposables and other stuff.

Bodystockings for women

Company homepage: sexy underwear

Are you looking for a new quality in your relationship? Very good choice! Browse through our collection of sexy underwear and forget about boredom in the bedroom! You will find here bodystockings and other products of every size, cause we believe that all the women are equally beautiful and deserve the best in fashion!

Special orders

Company homepage: boat design

You need a vehicle for special missions? None of the available models has met your expectations? No worries, we can construct one just for you! We are specialised in boat design thanks to which you can obtain a solution tailored to your needs. We have at our disposal professional tools, such as cutting-edge software.