Professional filters, papers and varieties of tobacco

Company homepage: Cigarette filters

Reliable and appreciated on the European tobacco market brand is known not only for their quality and affordable varieties of tobacco, but also by numerous other products and accessories. Hawana Tabacco along with Del-Vis manufacture as well cigarette filters, rolling papers, as well as tube making machine.

PJ Therapeutic oral motor tools and accessories

Company homepage: Speech therapy tools

Visit the online shop to find one of the best solutions assisting you, your child and your patients with improving and oral motor difficulties. The speech therapy tools were selected by PJ Therapeutic’s team on the basis of their quality, effectiveness and reliability. The website presents, e.g. finger puppets, mirrors, timers, oral-nasal listeners and more!

Innovative front loaders for agricultural equipment

Company homepage: Front loaders

Our company has been developing the technological solutions employed to ensure every agricultural machinery and equipment will be functional, solid and reliable. The result of such an approach are front loaders available in the offer of Metal-Fach. Three different models for various tractors employ modern mounting solutions.

Sweet and elegant logo of your company

Company homepage: Chocolate logos manufacturer

Planning a corporate event and want to make it the most elegant, exquisite and tasteful? Chocolate logos are a perfect way to highlight your brand’s status and success. Skilfully created by Barbara Luijckx confectionery experts, they will surely meet your expectations. Visit the website to create it in three simple steps!

Drum screen - Progress Eco S.A.

Company homepage: Centrifuge Basket

Mechanical separation of solid particles from liquids demands the use of wedge wire drum screens. Progress Eco S.A. is a company, which specializes in solutions from that professional area. So if you are looking for reliable, solid and modern wedge wire drum screen and centrifuge basket, visit Progress Eco S.A. website now!

Eastern Europe - ductile iron products

Company homepage: Cast iron Poland

With amazing production capabilities (including as much as 5 moulding lines and 5 000 tonnes of production monthly) Srem cast iron foundry is able to manufacture virtually any elements for companies from power, automotive industries, shipbuilding, mining and many others. Years of investments and offer development allowed the company to become one of the leaders in Poland and Eastern Europe. As a part of one of the largest groups of industry companies, they can provide you with comprehensive solutions to your industrial needs.

Forbuild's concrete strengthening products

Company homepage: Concrete reinforcement

Bendable, threaded solutions chosen by one of the best construction companies on the market. Forbuild has prepared innovative, reliable concrete reinforcement systems, designed to strengthen virtually any type of structure. The offer also includes special anchoring sets and balcony connectors. See more!

Analytical scales and other products from Radwag

Company homepage: Pharmacy scales

Great diversity of the company offer allows every research facility, university or other circle to find the balances they need for their work. Radwag has also prepared diverse pharmacy scales (analytical, precision and others) along with moisture analyzers, automatic pipettes and other weighing instruments and accessories.

Fencing equipment - offer

Company homepage: Fencing equipment

If you are looking for a high quality fencing equipment, we invite you to read our website offer (fencing equipment). We guarantee that we offer fencing equipment to the highest possible quality at the lowest price on the market. We have been trusted fencing many fans all over the world, and we do not disappoint! You are welcome!

M28 aircraft

Company homepage: Twin turboprop aircraft

Versatile, STOL plane for special missions. M28 is a twin turboprop aircraft designed to withstand extremely harsh conditions, while providing different options for different needs. Currently, the Skytruck is available in passengder, combi, VIP, cargo, parachuting, medical and numerous other versions.

Advisory, opinions, inspections - tax assistance

Company homepage: Tax consulting

Transfer pricing, audits and inspections, compliance with current and constantly modified regulations - tax consulting includes assistance in all areas companies and corporations deal with. Consultants can not only advise, but also prepare documentation, opinions and even plan your expenses in this area to minimize the costs of company's operation.

Reliable, configurable switchgear

Company homepage: Switchgear manufacturers

Invest in one of the best, the most reliable and at the same time highly configurable components for energy distribution. ZPUE is one of the most respected electrical switchgear manufacturers in Europe. Their offer include low and medium voltage solutions, as well as container transformer stations as well as overhead connectors.

Law company in eastern countries

Company homepage: Law firm Russia

Visit the website of legal company, which has offices in all of the countries of so called Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The law firm operates, e.g. in Russia, where their lawyers help diverse range of clients, including businesses of different sizes. Check the range of legal help they provide and contact them.

Vestments for catholic priests

Company homepage: Black cassock

A wide selection of quality black cassocks, chasubles, albs, stoles and other liturgical vestments. They are available in standard versions for every occasion throughout the year in Catholic church. You can also order special products, not only for priests, but also for deacons and altar servers. Complete offer is presented on the website.

Reman-Tec - turbo rebuild

Company homepage: Turbocharger

New and reconditioned parts for your car are now available at great prices. Check Reman-Tec’s website and find out more about the turbochargers they offer. The mechanics specialise not only in distribution, but also in smaller repairs and complete rebuilds and reconditioning. The quality is assured by experienced team and the best replacement parts used.

Get rid of flies in your shop

Company homepage: Fly killer

Professional exterminators of all flying insects are now available at attractive prices. Visit the website and select the fly killer, which best suits the needs of your shop or plant. The offer includes electric or glueboard mosquito traps, offering the highest effectiveness in virtually any conditions.

Choose your holiday hike

Company homepage: Walking and trekking holidays in Poland

Have you every been to the heart of Europe, admiring one of the most beautiful mountain ranges? Visit the website to find out more about the most wonderful walking in trekking holidays in Poland. You can hike in Sudetes and then the next day go visit Prague! Choose your 8-day plan of visit and contact us.

BAKS - experienced manufacturer of carrying systems

Company homepage: Cable ladders system

More than 25 years of professional experience and at the same time implementation of modern technological solutions and modernization of the machinery used, makes BAKS company a reliable manufacturer. In the offer you will find for instance cable ladder, tray system, mounting profiles and many more!!!

Modern CCTV systems

Company homepage: Rapid deployment CCTV

Used to monitor city streets and squares, thus ensuring higher safety of citizens, rapid deployment CCTV has proven to be a valuable addition in security's set of tools. Our company has developed a range of quality security camera systems to be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, including production facilities, warehouses and other places.

Tours for active tourists in the Sudetes

Company homepage: Trekking in Poland

Do you enjoy beautiful, peaceful mountain scenery? Do you like to walk through mountain paths? Our offer is designed for you! Trekking in Poland in the Sudetes mountain range includes everything you expect from such a trip. You can choose the most demanding, e.g. 6-day route, or much easier 1-day treks.

Robust pipelayers by Dressta

Company homepage: Pipe layer

Safe, secure, extremely durable and equipped with built-in damage prevention. Each pipelayer manufactured by Dressta is a proven, reliable machine tested by numerous construction companies. Thanks to special counterweight design and amazing stability, they offer great efficiency and comfort of work in virtually any conditions.

Company homepage: Varicose vein surgery - cost

Varicose veins treatment is performed not only for aesthetic reasons. It is also serious medical condition which may result in different health problems. At Top-Medics we offer varicose veins treatment - surgery at low costs - with the use of laser (EVLT) or radiofrequency (EVRF). Do not wait and choose our professional services.

A whole range of store lighting

Company homepage: Lights for shop

Commercial space requires always an individual approach in terms of interior design, which also includes luminaires. Lights for a shop need to be pleasant for clients, but at the same time energy efficient and reliable. LED technology is perfect and it also looks very good in different stores. Check other lighting solutions as well.

Clamps for pipes

Company homepage: Pipe squeezer

Reliable installation of any fitting on a pipeline is always conducted with the use of professional pipe squeezers. These clamps allow to position the fitting perfectly during the work and avoid any costly mistakes. Clamps for electrofusion details are available in three size groups - from 20 up to 500 mm.