Professional filters, papers and varieties of tobacco

Company homepage: Cigarette filters

Reliable and appreciated on the European tobacco market brand is known not only for their quality and affordable varieties of tobacco, but also by numerous other products and accessories. Hawana Tabacco along with Del-Vis manufacture as well cigarette filters, rolling papers, as well as tube making machine.

Forbuild's concrete strengthening products

Company homepage: Concrete reinforcement

Bendable, threaded solutions chosen by one of the best construction companies on the market. Forbuild has prepared innovative, reliable concrete reinforcement systems, designed to strengthen virtually any type of structure. The offer also includes special anchoring sets and balcony connectors. See more!

Reliable, configurable switchgear

Company homepage: Switchgear manufacturers

Invest in one of the best, the most reliable and at the same time highly configurable components for energy distribution. ZPUE is one of the most respected electrical switchgear manufacturers in Europe. Their offer include low and medium voltage solutions, as well as container transformer stations as well as overhead connectors.

Vestments for catholic priests

Company homepage: Black cassock

A wide selection of quality black cassocks, chasubles, albs, stoles and other liturgical vestments. They are available in standard versions for every occasion throughout the year in Catholic church. You can also order special products, not only for priests, but also for deacons and altar servers. Complete offer is presented on the website.

BAKS - experienced manufacturer of carrying systems

Company homepage: Cable ladders system

More than 25 years of professional experience and at the same time implementation of modern technological solutions and modernization of the machinery used, makes BAKS company a reliable manufacturer. In the offer you will find for instance cable ladder, tray system, mounting profiles and many more!!!

Modern CCTV systems

Company homepage: Rapid deployment CCTV

Used to monitor city streets and squares, thus ensuring higher safety of citizens, rapid deployment CCTV has proven to be a valuable addition in security’s set of tools. Our company has developed a range of quality security camera systems to be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, including production facilities, warehouses and other places.

Robust pipelayers by Dressta

Company homepage: Pipe layer

Safe, secure, extremely durable and equipped with built-in damage prevention. Each pipelayer manufactured by Dressta is a proven, reliable machine tested by numerous construction companies. Thanks to special counterweight design and amazing stability, they offer great efficiency and comfort of work in virtually any conditions.

Dress for every occasion

Company homepage: Long dresses online

Charming designs, uniquely crafted from quality materials. If you are looking for the most amazing long dresses online, our offer will surely be of the highest interest to you. Fairy-tale ideas, outstanding combinations are perfect for more sophisticated banquet as well as every day visits to your favourite cafe.

Wide offer of decorative lights

Company homepage: Lighting manufacturer

We have got many years of experience in producing lamps and lanterns perfect for every kind of design. Our goal as a lighting manufacturer is to combine amazing visual forms with high energy efficiency. The use of LED modules makes our lights durable and eco-friendly. The wide offer of fixture models, in turn, enhances versatility of our products.

Energy-saving ventilators

Company homepage: Heat recovery ventilation system

Nowadays it is extremely important to choose those air flow systems, which allows for the limited energy loss. We recommend you the innovative heat recovery ventilation system, which considerably improves the energy efficiency. The device consists of pipe stub connections, ventilators, a controller, a heat exchanger, and a casing made of galvanized steel.

Company homepage: Krakow tours

We also encourage you to read our promotions tables: Krakow tours - hotel prices once prices represent our core offer, which continues to complement a special bonus for our regular customers or additional interest associated with the commemorative events taking place in our city. In short - if you are interested in a comfortable and cheap accommodation in Krakow, you could not get better.

Digital precision scales

Company homepage: Precision scales

Extensive functionality and at the same time intuitive use of the precision scales makes them one of the best on the market. RADWAG’s designers have developed standard, advanced and professional weighing equipment for research facilities, universities and laboratories. The website includes technical details of the balances.

Flap, two-lever and throttle plug versions

Company homepage: Check Valve

Uncontrolled backflow of fluid in the pipes is a real and frequent problem in industrial installations. Check valves help with optimally slowing down the medium, increasing the efficiency of the system as a result. We prepared versions with throttle plug, two-level, flap, ball and more - all manufactured according to the industry standards.

Ferrous and non-ferrous

Company homepage: Over-belt magnetic separator

We manufacture industrial components required for isolating particles such as tramp iron from bulk materials or non-ferrous particles. In our offer you can find the over-belt magnetic separator, which is commonly used in recycling, power and mining industries or in explosive zones ATEX (mills, factories, coal mines).

Natural products online

Company homepage: Bio food

Healthy does not mean boring! Visit our online market and find some bio food that will give you back the appetite for life. Try our organic snacks, taste our healthy sweets and drinks, support your organism with some herbal supplements and feel the difference on your skin while applying our natural cosmetics!

Suitable for water organisms

Company homepage: aquaculture feed

For the farmers who raise animals and plants living in marine environments we can recommend using our high quality and nutritious aquaculture feed. There are three kinds to choose from, such as protein powder, dried larvae and pellet (made from two kinds of insects). This last one is dedicated especially to fish.

Get to know our national specialties

Company homepage: krakow food tour

If you would like to taste some typical, delicious Polish dishes in one of the most beautiful cities of Poland, this Krakow food tour will be perfect for you. The trip lasts around 4 hours and includes a pleasant walk around, some interesting stories about the cuisine from a local foodie-guide, and ten or more tastings.

Training for IT professionals

Company homepage: Azure administrator

The training is aimed at IT professionals who are willing to learn how to become an Azure administrator. Such person can then take care of the cloud maintenance which includes e.g. handling subscriptions, observing the movement on the web, and protecting information. The training lasts 32 hours (4 days - each day is 8 hours of classes).

Company homepage: hairdresser

Great atmosphere, experienced professionals and a vast array of cosmetic procedures which will surface your natural beauty. Visit our hair and beauty salon in Tooting and undergo full transformation thanks to the help of skilled hairdresser and other beauticians. Take care of your nails, face, hands and toes, get a massage and simply relax while you are here. After the procedures you can also lie in a sunbed for a few minutes to get a delicate tan or go exercise a little while. It is all up to you!

Company homepage: Law firm Poland

Looking for reliable, experienced law firm in Baltic Sea Region? Visit Magnusson website and become one of satisfied Clients! The professionals working in the company provide excellent quality services and always meet the highest expectations of diverse entrepreneurs or public institutions. Feel free to contact the company specialists.