Forbuild's concrete strengthening products

Company homepage: Concrete reinforcement

Bendable, threaded solutions chosen by one of the best construction companies on the market. Forbuild has prepared innovative, reliable concrete reinforcement systems, designed to strengthen virtually any type of structure. The offer also includes special anchoring sets and balcony connectors. See more!

Vestments for catholic priests

Company homepage: Black cassock

A wide selection of quality black cassocks, chasubles, albs, stoles and other liturgical vestments. They are available in standard versions for every occasion throughout the year in Catholic church. You can also order special products, not only for priests, but also for deacons and altar servers. Complete offer is presented on the website.

BAKS - experienced manufacturer of carrying systems

Company homepage: Cable ladders system

More than 25 years of professional experience and at the same time implementation of modern technological solutions and modernization of the machinery used, makes BAKS company a reliable manufacturer. In the offer you will find for instance cable ladder, tray system, mounting profiles and many more!!!

Modern CCTV systems

Company homepage: Rapid deployment CCTV

Used to monitor city streets and squares, thus ensuring higher safety of citizens, rapid deployment CCTV has proven to be a valuable addition in security’s set of tools. Our company has developed a range of quality security camera systems to be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, including production facilities, warehouses and other places.

Dress for every occasion

Company homepage: Long dresses online

Charming designs, uniquely crafted from quality materials. If you are looking for the most amazing long dresses online, our offer will surely be of the highest interest to you. Fairy-tale ideas, outstanding combinations are perfect for more sophisticated banquet as well as every day visits to your favourite cafe.

Energy-saving ventilators

Company homepage: Heat recovery ventilation system

Nowadays it is extremely important to choose those air flow systems, which allows for the limited energy loss. We recommend you the innovative heat recovery ventilation system, which considerably improves the energy efficiency. The device consists of pipe stub connections, ventilators, a controller, a heat exchanger, and a casing made of galvanized steel.

Company homepage: Local tours from Cracow

We also encourage you to read our promotions tables: local tours in Cracow - hotel prices once prices represent our core offer, which continues to complement a special bonus for our regular customers or additional interest associated with the commemorative events taking place in our city. In short - if you are interested in a comfortable and cheap accommodation in Cracow, you could not get better.

Flap, two-lever and throttle plug versions

Company homepage: Check Valve

Uncontrolled backflow of fluid in the pipes is a real and frequent problem in industrial installations. Check valves help with optimally slowing down the medium, increasing the efficiency of the system as a result. We prepared versions with throttle plug, two-level, flap, ball and more - all manufactured according to the industry standards.

Company homepage: Law firm Poland

Looking for reliable, experienced law firm in Baltic Sea Region? Visit Magnusson website and become one of satisfied Clients! The professionals working in the company provide excellent quality services and always meet the highest expectations of diverse entrepreneurs or public institutions. Feel free to contact the company specialists.

Marvelous stoneware from Poland

Company homepage: Handmade Polish pottery

If you wish to decorate your home with beautiful stoneware, look no more. We import handmade Polish pottery to enrich your kitchen with wonderful art. Whether you want to ease your way into the world of stoneware, or just want a piece of luxury delivered to your doorstep, our products are what you need.

Hight-quality kit

Company homepage: Wind turbine kits

We offer the best solutions in the renewable-energy industry. Our team of professionals designs wind turbine kits that are second to none. In the process of production, we perform milling, grooving, cutting, perforating and some other operations so we are sure that the final product meets the expectations of our clients.

Luminaires and busbars

Company homepage: color led light strips

Our shop proviedes you with all the accessories that you need to design your apartment or an office in a way that suits you best. In order to create an intimate atmospheare it is recommended to use color LED light strips. You can install them on the ceiling, furniture, walls, underneath the windowstill. Certain models can be used outdoors.

Professional medical procedures abroad

Company homepage: Gastric band abroad

In more serious cases, doctors sometimes suggest implementing effective gastric band. Abroad, the procedure is not only conducted with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and by one of the best specialists on the continent. It is also characterized by extremely low price! Please, visit Top-Medics website!

Well services

Company homepage: drilling companies

Our company provides digging services using heavy machinery. We strive to make sure that we are one of the best drilling companies available on the market. Thanks to our particularly qualified personnel and high-tech equipment we are able to provide the Customer with state-of-the-art wells, varying in depth and diameter.

Company homepage: Funeral plans

Our Manchester home will help you plan the ceremony of a deceased loved one. However, if you wish to arrange your own commemoration in accordance with your beliefs, feel free to contact our company. Not only do we provide set funeral plans, but can also create an individual one. By using our services, you can be sure that your family and friends will say their goodbyes the way you want to. Taking care of the preparations before your death might help your loved ones after you are gone.

Granite kitchen worktops

Company homepage: Worktops

There are only a few better ways to add elegance to your kitchen than to implement surfaces made from natural stone. Especially marble, quartz and granite hold the title for the most stylish and, at the same time, durable materials used for making our worktops. Ideal for pastry making as well as regular cooking and ingredients prep, they are a perfect fit for those who want beauty without sacrificing the practicality.

Northwich acupuncture clinic

Company homepage: Acupuncture Clinic

To provide a holistic overview of an individual, we offer a wide range of therapies. In our acupuncture clinic in Norwich, we bring a modern touch to traditional Chinese methods. Such procedures can be effective when dealing with a sickness. Nausea, vomiting and IBS, as well as back and dental pain, are some of the most common symptoms for which people use our services. The therapy is also designed for lifestyle-oriented problems, for example stress and insomnia.

Protection from chemicals

Company homepage: Spill trays

To make sure that no chemicals reach the face of the concrete floor and cause damage to it, there needs to be a certain level of protection. For that purpose we use special spill trays that help us ensure that all the dangerous liquids are contained in a safe place and that they can't enter the environment.

Modern staircase

Company homepage: Wooden staircase

Beginning with a vision, the company concludes with the most amazing form and type of modern staircase you can imagine. There are floating, zig-zag models, along with spiral or helical ones. Each balustrade and step is made with care, so that it perfectly fits in with your sophisticated interior. Check it!

Damp proofing

Company homepage: Condensation

Wallpaper peeling randomly and unusually high amount of mould, not necessarily confined to just one area (cold walls and roofs are most vulnerable), are a clear sign that the air in your house is too moist and that the excess amount of this condensation isn’t being removed naturally. When called, our team will investigate the issue and enhance currently used ventilation systems. At the same time, we will also look for additional sources of moisture and duly remove them.

Car interior makeovers

Company homepage: Customised cars

If you're looking for high-quality vehicles that will make your heart throb, our offer is just for you. Our customized cars are the best way to make you stand out. Over the years we've improved many luxurious interiors to satisfy every single client's needs. It is through these machines that we express our artistic minds.

Humanitarian help

Company homepage: Donate

Polish Humanitarian Mission provides help to the civilians in war-torn countries as well as in regions affected by poverty and famine. Please donate as much as you please in euro, zloty, dollars or pounds. The money we collect allows us to buy food, medicine and vaccines for those who need them the most.

Removals Dublin

Company homepage: Moving company

Pick the moving company, which offers the full package: planning, organisation, packing, loading and unloading, transportation and storage - all in a fantastic atmosphere. The removals company from Dublin makes the process extremely simple. You call them, they provide you with a quote, you pick them, they come and do all the work and you enjoy your new apartment, flat or house. Their experience and reliability makes the move hassle and stress-free. Check the details and book them as soon as possible.

Szybkie nadawanie paczek

Company homepage: Kurier

Witamy w Arto Logistics. Oferujemy usługi kuriera Polska-Irlandia oraz do Niemiec, Belgii, Holandii i Wielkiej Brytanii. Przewozimy towary w systemie "door to door", a więc odbieramy i zawozimy pod wskazane adresy, szybko i wygodnie. Dla naszych stałych Klientów oferujemy atrakcyjne programy rabatowe. Posiadamy wieloletnie doświadczenie w przewozie osób i rzeczy. Jeśli chcesz nadać paczkę do lub z wysp, zdecyduj się na naszą obsługę. Towar trafi do adresata w nienaruszonym stanie, na pewno na czas.

MRT services

Company homepage: Wire inspection equipment

Our aim is to provide tools that will contribute to increasing the security level in the work environment. We manufacture and sell a special wire inspection equipment that will allow you to safely carry out cable installations. We will also help you with the data interpretation collected by our system.

How to move out?

Company homepage: Moving company South Wales

If you're considering buying or renting a new flat in the near future, you should ask specialists for help. Leaving your current home and transporting quickly and efficiently all your belongings to a new location will certainly not be easy. Our moving company in South Wales is ready to get you out of trouble.

The process of moving out

Company homepage: House clearance services

The first step of the process is to remove all your belongings from the apartment. That includes furniture and a lot of other stuff. Our house clearance services will help you with the most tiresome stage of the whole project. We can also clean your garage or office - check out our website for further details.

Moving company

Company homepage: Home removals Dublin

If you own a lot of things and have some trouble with clutter, and there comes the time for changing your house, surely you need a hand! Choose our moving company to get some help in this matter and get the best quality service. We offer home removals in Dublin and the surrounding areas; just call us to get a free quote!